Our approach

During the last ten years, JS Italy developed a distinctive approach to anti-fraud activities. We have solutions for countering both internal and external frauds. According to us, a good strategy is based on three pillars:

  • The joint analysis of internal and external data in a single investigation system
  • Automated anomaly detection tools, based upon rules. models and indicators (i.e. field related such as: claims (insurance), credit cards (bankng), etc.)
  • Integration between anti-fraud checks and the company processes (i.e. Compliance)

Our goal is to help our clients managing their anti-fraud policies.

JS Italy’s anti-fraud offering

Our solutions and services are focused on Banks, Insurances and Public Sector. We provide:

  • Tools for the detection and management of risky cases – thanks to best-in-class enterprise fraud management and open solutions
  • Fulfilment and assistance services to implement the business specific requests. As an example, we can perform personalize how your anti-fraud strategy applies to payment, internal fraud, online, etc.

Thanks to our partnership with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence we delivered many successful solutions in international environments, such as Financial Services and main institutions. Moreover, our clients experienced the following benefit:

  • Discovery factor: up to 10 times increase
  • False positives: up to 70% decrease
  • Confirmed frauds: up to 50% increase
  • Investigation success factor: up to 5 times increase