Our Banking sector approach

In the first place, our Banking solutions are designed to implement a multi-channel (on-line, ATM, cards, etc.) and cross-segment (Retail, Corporate) fraud governance strategy. Secondly, we developed a broad experience on the Italian environment both in terms of regulations (please refer to the UIF for more info) and fraud scenarios which may applied to:

  • First-party frauds
  • Internal frauds
  • Application frauds
  • Cards
  • Mortgages
  • Payments/On-line

Technologies for Banking

JS Italy got a combined expertise on the fraud phenomena and the best in class suites. In doing so, we propose solutions that:

  • Combine detection rules and statistical models, in order to follow evolution of fraudulent behaviours
  • Provide a 360° visibility on each client in a single repository, along his entire contract lifetime and across different data sources
  • Investigate risks deriving from dynamic relationships and networks (Social Network Analysis)
  • Identify and automatically notify suspicious or high risk relationships, in order to facilitate cross-domain evidences (e.g.: Payment vs. Application fraud cases)
  • Reduce investigation time and volumes of false positives, thus increasing fraud investigators’ productivity.



For more insights on our technical solutions we suggest our Partners section. Please contact us for more information.