Solutions for the Insurance sector

Our approach for the insurance sector

We design our solutions for the insurance sector to implement a multi-channel (on-line, branch office, broker, etc.) and cross line of business (Claims, P&C, Life) anti-fraud strategy. As a result, we gained relevant experience in:

  • Life insurance issuing
  • Accident (non-life) insurance issuing
  • Claims settlement (Car, Health, Injuries, etc. )
  • internal fraud


Best in class solutions, our experience in the Italian market (i.e. the study of IVASS reports and guidelines) and the project expertise in multinational corporate environments, allow us to propose solutions that:

  • Identify and automatically notify suspicious or high risk relationships, in order to facilitate cross-domain evidences (e.g.: P&C vs. Motor claims fraud)
  • Investigate risks due to dynamic relationships and networks (Social Network Analysis)
  • Combine detection rules and statistical models, in order to follow evolution of fraudulent behaviours
  • Provide a 360° visibility on each client in a single repository, along his entire contract lifetime and across different data sources



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