JS Italy is proud of its decade-long experience in the compliance field. Furthermore, we get constantly up to date in order to be in line with the EU directives  and the local laws of the countries in which our clients operate.

Our Compliance offering

Most of all, our offering encompasses:

  • Solutions, built upon a market leading software suite designed to meet the Compliance Office’s needs in Know-Your-Customer/Customer-Due-Diligence, anomaly detection and investigation processes, and tailored for the local (Italian) regulatory requirements;
  • Services, through which we give shape to customisations and bespoke features according to our customers’ business models, operations requirements, regulatory requirements.

Especially relevant is our track record of success stories in large international Banks and Insurance companies. This is the best indicator of our on-field experience in projects where a risk based approach is extended to all the parties involved in a contract (e.g. Beneficial Owners, Account Holders, Beneficiaries, etc.).

Why JS Italy

Our offering places us on the market with a highly customizable and flexible solution, allowing Customers to define their own detection rules, CDD risk model and indicators, 3rd party information providers, investigation workflows and reporting.

Supported by our Professional Services team, we are able to assist our users in Italy as well as abroad, providing them with training (e-learning, in presence) and software maintenance.




For more insights on our technical solutions we suggest our Partners section. Please contact us for more information.