Anti Money Laundering

Our solutions for the Anti Money Laundering compliance allow transaction monitoring and risk detection, with a combination of predefined detection rules and statistical behaviours (profiles) in order to optimise the volume of alert notifications to your AML Office.

Detection rules

Within our Anti Money Laundering solutions, out-of-the box anomaly detection rules have been included in order to be compliant with the Banca d’Italia indicators, as well as to a risk-based detection approach when combined with an AML risk model (e.g. 3rd party risk scoring).

Our Professional Services can design and deploy bespoke rules, including for example statistical profiles for a given type of activity (e.g. rapid movements of funds to/from high risk Countries), links to subjects in lists or known suspicious activity reportable.

Further customisations

The BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Anti Money Laundering solution allows us to define and customise:

  • Notification and investigation workflow based on users/roles (e.g. AML officer, AML investigators)
  • Alert workflow management (i.e. opening, investigation. escalation, reporting, closing)
  • Management Reporting as well as SAR reporting



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