Risk profiles

KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) solutions are key to provide large organizations and Groups with a cross-entity customer risk scoring.

Our KYC/CDD applications automatically attribute a risk profile (score) to each (new) customer (entity) based on a set of predefined or bespoke risk indicators.

The solutions can work in either real-time at “customer on-boarding” phase or/and in on-going batch scanning, recollecting data directly from your existing front-end systems (e.g. Branch office tools) and returning a score before customer acceptance or later during his lifetime.

Business integration

We generally define risk indicators and risk model with our Customer, including any 3rd party risk score if available, creating a single risk profile which is cross-entity/line of business within the Organization (Group). Furthermore, our expertise allow us to integrate the KYC/CDD modules with the anti money laundering and CTF ones.




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