Countering Terrorism Financing

Countering Terrorism Financing: the scenario

The activities for Countering Terrorism Financing (CTF) are increasingly aiming to prevent international sanctions or fines. Many important financial institution and insurances had been found guilty of violations in recent times.

Compliance strategies

Our offering relies upon automated solutions. The main goals are:

  • Single risk profile attribution – our KYC/CDD applications automatically attribute a risk profile (score) to each (new) customer (entity) based on a set of predefined or bespoke risk indicators. For a deeper focus we suggest visiting our KYC/CDD page.
  • List check¬†– relying on the trusted World-Check service, we can compare always up to date and reliable lists with the provided references. In doing so, it is possible to know whether the targeted subjects (i.e. customer, benefit owner, policy holder, etc.) are potentially at risk for terrorism matters.

Over the years JS implemented successful solutions in Italy and abroad. We helped clients to comply with the laws and customising the services according to their needs. Furthermore, our expertise allow us to integrate the KYC/CDD modules with the anti money laundering and KYC/CDD ones.



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