GDPR consultancy and technical solutions

We support the main GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – EU directive 95/46/EC) and the Garante della Privacy (Italian Privacy Authority)  guidelines compliance activities. As part of our services we identified three GDPR topics:


Privacy Impact Assessment

We provide to our clients risk assessment methodologies, process analysis and technical solutions. The aim of these activities is to reach the following goals:

  • Providing evidence of local and european laws compliance
  • Automating the risk management process
  • Automatically generating reports for a broad range of stakeholders
  • Data protection actions planning

Data management

The directive requires companies and institutions to know what data they hold, what are the process on it and who is the owner. Most of all, they need to know why they had acquired that data. This in order to share or erase them if requested.
Our solutions allow to:


  • Identify where and what the PII (Personally Identifiable Information – in other words the GDPR relevant data) are and the entities (i.e. softwares) that use them
  • Act on data –  data can be secured, erased, moved, encrypted, blocked or tagged in order to abide to the compliance policies
  • Monitor the actions taken on data – by who, for what purposes and with what permissions – with the possibility of generating reports either for internal, external and legal
  • Grant rights on data coherently with the adopted policies (i.e. access, cancellation, modification)


Technical support for GDPR

In order to best comply with privacy regulation, legal, IT and management skills are needed. Because of the complexity of these fields, often the DPO (Data Protection Officer) needs a multidisciplinary team to support him.

In doing so, JS can provide analysts and technicians who ensure the chosen technical solutions work, besides performing analysis and software selection.

Furthermore we can assist in the  phase of transitioning towards the appropriate privacy measures by performing project management activities and implementing the appropriate measures.


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