The company: JS Italy

Who we are

JS Italy is technical and organisational consultancy company. We focus on Antifraud, Compliance and Privacy. We serve both companies (Banks, Insurances, Telco) and public sector.

Our journey started in 2007 after a merger of companies operating on security and data mining.

JS people have different backgrounds ( engineering, math, statistics and economics) and a broad international experience. In fact we can speak Italian, English, Spanish, French and Dutch.


Our offering

JS Italy partners with the best-in-class technology solution providers in the field of Fraud Governance, GDPR, and Compliance (please see our Partners section for more detail).

In addition, we got an international and flexible business model. Our processes and methodologies are optimised and certified (ISO:9001) for the most strict risk governance services policies.

When in an enterprise context, we assist our clients in the definition and implementation of their risk management strategies. Moreover, during the project management activities we can adopt both the agile or the waterfall approach, being our project managers certified by the Project Management Institute. In doing so, the main project activities are:

  • Functional requirement analysis
  • Integration and development plan
  • Implementation
  • Assistance and local support